Created in 2015, was created to help its members prepare, plan and manage all of their online accounts and designate how each of these accounts are to be handled, once they pass away.

The idea to create this website and to provide the types of services offered to its members came from our founder and web developer name "Jade". For many years, Jade assisted many of this friends and family members in closing out different online accounts such as e-mail, social media websites, and others online services once that person had passed away.

Having to do more and more accounts each year, he decided to do some online research to see if he could find any website that offered this type of services. He was surprised to find that no one offered such a service online and that many of the sites he visited ended up being online memorials or tribute pages. So he set out on a journey to build a website that will allow its members to take charge of all of their online accounts and dictate who should have access to it and who should not. He also wanted members to have the ability to close out their accounts or have that account transferred to a predetermined beneficiary once that member passes away. This is where was born.

When it's time for you to leave this world, have you thought of who's going to take care of all your digital footprints? Do you have a will in place? Who will you leave all your earthly possession to? Are you comfortable in having your family or loved one accessing all of your e-mail or other online accounts? Do you have a message you would like to leave your family, friends or even people you despised?

There are studies that show more than 50% of all people world-wide die without a will or proper planning, leaving behind financial turmoil and often family disputes of whom can claim what assets. Many of these cases involve family members entering into years of legal battle with each other because of money and other assets left behind by another family member that passed away. Do you want your family to dispute amongst each other over money or property?

We understand it is not an easy subject to talk about but in the end, everyone will have to take that journey. So the question to ask yourself is, "Am i going to let my friends, family or even the courts into my personal world or would it be better i make the plans and control who accesses all my information?" That's where can help assist you.

1. We can help you take care of all your online accounts once you have pass on. You can request we close out accounts like your e-mail, memberships to websites, social media sites, airline accounts, or any personal accounts you are a member of.

2. We can assist in transferring your online accounts to a designated beneficiary such as credit cards, banks, investment account, or even your gaming accounts.

3. We can send out a final, individualized e-mail or physical letter, addressed to anyone on your list.

4. You can create an online will giving us the "power of attorney" to make key legal and financial decisions on your behalf preventing your family members from getting into a legal battle over your assets.

5. We provide all members with a personal online "Memorial" web page where friends and family can visit and post any last messages to you for a designated amount of time.

6. We offer a variety of packages to help plan and assist in taking care of your funeral expenses if you are alone and require such services.

Many of our services are free and you can rest assure that your online accounts will be handled professionally by us, the way you would want it, and not by others' decisions. There is no cost to sign up and many of our services are free so why not register today and take control of all you online accounts while you still have time.





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